Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Best Gift

How do you show love to those near to you? Words of love and affirmation may do the job adequately, but actions also communicate volumes. Do you quietly make sacrifices on behalf of friends and family? Do you send thoughtful notes or give gifts you know will be cherished? Do you perform acts of service such as doing an unpleasant chore to show you care? Are you affectionate physically? Are you liberal with sincere praise?

We learned early on that our children had distinct preferences in how they wanted to have love communicated to them. Our older child was always making and buying gifts for the family and took great delight in receiving presents. The younger always wanted to give hugs, snuggle, and hold hands; clearly, physical affection meant a great deal to her. Although all the different ways to communicate love are good, I think most people have a primary method to say "I care." For me, the gift of time and a listening ear are priceless. Our hurried society often leaves little time for visiting friends, and I'm as guilty as anyone of being very busy. But a simple phone call to find out how I'm doing or an occasional one-on-one lunch date speak words of love to me. I don't need hours and hours, but a kind ear to hear me sort things out and share what's on my heart is a priceless gift and a rare treat!

What speaks "LOVE" to you? How do you show you care, and how do you like others to demonstrate their love to you?


  1. This is so true. Life goes by so quickly now a days. The calls and notes
    are so important. Keeping in touch with people is a priceless gift.
    Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Great blog post! Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Oh, this is so sweet! I'd say a handwritten letter sent through the regular mail is a great expression..giving and receiving them just doesn't happen enough anymore!

  4. i agree about the phone calls
    never hesitate to call someone you love, because it might be too late!
    i learned that the hard way
    even if you just call to say, hey i was thinking of you, or this one time, or i love how you!
    its great to sit back and appreciate those that make our lives complete!
    beautiful post!

  5. This is a very sweet post, AJ!

  6. I've not been very good at this here lately. I've been so busy that I forget to let my loved ones know that they truly are loved. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Random thoughtfulness speaks volumes to me. I like doing thoughtful things for others for no reason other than just because.

  8. It's so true - we all have different ways of showing love. I also believe we have preferences on how we are shown that others love us.