Friday, October 2, 2009


September! Rough month for me. Nothing major; just threw my back out and cracked a tooth! The latter is very discouraging to me since I don't chew ice or hard candy. Not fair! (pouting here) Can't figure out how it happened. Alas, dental work is in my near future. :) Ah well, I keep telling myself how glad I am to live where dental care is readily available.

October! One of my favorite months. Love the leaves, the weather, the scents, the food. Love getting ready to hibernate for the cold months ahead. Winter may be frosty, but I love the slower pace and the ability to knit and crochet for longer stretches. I can read a book if I so please, watch a chick flick, or play a board game with my family. And since the garden and lawn chores are on hiatus, we do have more time together as a family. Precious weeks and months left with our teenagers; they will be grown up and gone before we know it, I'm told.

Had an interesting surprise on our front porch recently. My husband always hangs several large baskets of impatiens every spring. Seems they somehow reproduced down in the yard, right behind the spirea bushes below the baskets! I'm going to have to take a pic - too funny. I'll be sorry to see them go when the first hard frost settles in.

Besides pouring loads of candles these days, I am playing with new crock pot recipes. I am so glad those babies were invented. If my house burns down, the first thing I will replace after the toilet paper is my beloved crock pot. Off to gather the ingredients for a new recipe for tonight's supper and dream about my next yarn project.


  1. Sorry to hear about your back. I know what that's like. I overexerted while on vacation (4 consecutive days of riding ATVs!)and then just as I was feeling better, got twisted up in an awkward position while trying to flip my mattress! I'm still recovering!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. October is one of my fav, too. There is a reason for that too. I was born on 20th of this month.