Monday, November 30, 2009


Like many Etsy sellers, I'm involved in the Cyber Monday sale by offering free lip balms with purchase. In addition, I had to take a silly photo of myself holding my product for an Etsy promotional. Boy did I feel like an idiot, and my daughter certainly thought I was a dork as she snapped one goofy expression after another. But if it helps my sales, be it! I'll be a fool then. haha My sale details are posted in my Etsy shop.

The KC Etsy team, of which I'm a member, is also sponsoring a Cyber Monday sale. Details are on our blog. KC Etsy Team's Blog


  1. Thanks for the post, the less said about the photo the better! If it improves sales then it's worth it.

    Scents of Occasion Handmade Natural Soap

  2. im a fairly new etsy seller. the cyber monday sale sounds exciting! what does it entail?


  3. The cyber sale was a team effort of the KC Etsy team. We all decided to run sales in our shops and then worked at promoting/advertising the sales! :)