Sunday, June 28, 2009


A day of rest. Now to workaholics like me, a day of rest seems a little too good to be true, closely akin to Calorie-Free Cookies That Taste Awesome and Free, Brand-New Mustang Convertibles. I used to think that lounging was my reward for finally getting 100% of ALL my work done, but learned after a few years on the treadmill that this elusive goal would not let itself be achieved. There's always plenty that could be done, so we'd better pull off the interstate of life occasionally to recharge if we want to make it for the long haul. A day of rest takes getting used to for some of us, but I'm learning to enjoy relaxing and just plain loafing with the family. Off to read the Sunday paper while sipping hot tea and enjoying the cool morning air on my deck. The dusting can most decidedly wait another day.


  1. Dusting can always just sits there and invites a few friends for a chat while it is waiting. :) Enjoy your day, AJ!

  2. Zuda! I was just going to say that! there is always tomorrow....