Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sneak Peek!

On the soap curing racks: Lemon Verbena, ready next week! Ginger Souffle will be ready in late August. Lemon Verbena (cold-process, olive oil artisan soap) smells sunny, super lemony, and very refreshing. There's no way you can be a grouch when you smell this! I put snowy white swirls in this light yellow bar. Ginger Souffle soap is the perfect balance between sweet, creamy vanilla notes and a sharp bite of spicy ginger. This tan bar also has creamy white swirls on top. Don't count on getting too many bars of these batches; I'm going to be swiping some for my own personal stash before you can get your mitts on them. (Did I say that out loud?!) Here's a pic of the Lemon Verbena soap.

In the wax: Beautiful new soy candles coming soon! My favorite, Pumpkin Creme Brulee, is beyond fabulous. I'd eat it if I could get a spoon in the jar. Delicious caramelized vanilla notes paired with smooth pumpkin and just a hint of spice to complement. Heaven scent! If you love bakery fragrances, vanillas, and caramel notes, and happen to be a pumpkin fiend like me, this is just NOT to be missed! It's as cozy as warming up by the fireplace on a frosty autumn evening.

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